Clover - Device wont turn on

Your Clover® POS station may not power up and start working. So out of all the Clover Station Troubleshooting tips, this is the easiest one. Follow the steps:
Checking Your Station
1.    Plug the L-shaped end of your display cable into the display monitor.
2.    Plug the other cable end into the printer.
3.    Connect the power cable to the power brick.
4.    Secure the power cable with your receipt printer.
5.    After everything is in the power brick, plug the link attached to the brick to a power outlet.
6.    You can also plug the RJ-11 cable with your cash drawer into the printer, but that is optional.
7.     It should take about twenty seconds for the computer to reboot. You should see the Clover logo after it finishes.

What If the Station Still Isn’t Powering?

You might need to charge up the power source if the Clover Station doesn’t power. Charge it for at least thirty minutes.

Hard Reboot

You will require a hard reboot of your system if it still doesn’t power up after thirty minutes. You can complete this with these steps:
1.    Remove the display cord from the bottom end of your station.
2.    Wait for ten seconds before you continue.
3.    Plug the cord back into the bottom part.
4.    The device will start to boot up. You can log in after the rebooting process is complete.

You can contact customer service if the problem persists.

My Clover Flex wont turn on

From our experience, when a Clover Flex simply won’t power on, it is usually because the battery depleted completely. Even after you’ve charged the battery back up, you may notice the power button is not turning it back on. The troubleshooting for this starts with, you guessed it… A hard reset! If the hard reset isn’t working, you may want to place the Flex on the charging dock, double check that it is securely fastened, and wait 5-10 minutes until you are confident the device has charged. Then hold down the power button on the credit card machine for 46 seconds. If it still isn’t working, your Flex may not be receiving a charge from the dock. Though it may not be ideal for your business’s everyday use, you can also charge the Clover Flex using a USB-C cable. You’ll find the port on the underside of the Flex.

My Clover Mini wont turn on

The customer display feature or Clover Mini may not be plugged into your overall station.

1.    Check the USB cord to ensure it is functional. There should be a Type A USB connection on one end and a Type B USB port on the other part.
2.    Plug the Type A side into a USB port under your station printer. There should be four of these ports.
3.    Plug the Type B segment into the second port from the left on the Clover Mini station that faces your customer.

Install the USB Pay Display App

The two parts of the system for the seller and the customer may not work due to both of these parts not working with the USB Pay Display App. You may not have everything working at the same time, including possibly using the wrong version of a program. The system should automatically prompt you to install the app after you install things.

Follow these steps if the system does not automatically ask you to download the app:
1.    Go to the More Tools section of the interface to access the App Market.
2.    Tap on the USB Pay Display app option.
3.    Select to install the app.
4.    Click the accept button to start the installation. The program should start working in moments.
5.    Open the app on both parts of your system.
6.    Check the USB cables if it spots an error. You may see a concern with the cables if there are any problems.

Clover Mini Is In Merchant-Facing Mode

The Clover Mini compartment should display “Welcome to (name of the business).” It will display a “Not Ready” message if the Mini is in the wrong mode, or it displays what the merchant should see. The message would ask you to open the USB Pay Display setup to allow transactions to start working.

You can reset your Clover Mini to the proper mode with these steps:
1.    Open the USB Pay Display program.
2.    Touch the screen once more to start the transaction.