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Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes with tools that maximize their impact in their industries and within their communities. We partner with companies like yours to offer financial solutions such as credit card processing and cash advances, as well as marketing solutions such as graphic design and SEO optimization.

By offering credit card processing, your business can provide customers with a convenient and preferred payment method that can ultimately boost your sales. Meanwhile, utilizing professional graphic design and SEO services can help establish a credible and professional online presence that can attract more customers to your business.

Meet Our Staff

Rob Olson
“As a small business owner since 1994, I take pride in helping other business owners save money and provide excellent customer service. The unfortunate fact about the payments processing world is that it's very easy to get into, but it can be very complex. When your payments don't arrive on time or incorrectly, it can really disrupt your business. We have excellent reviews because we do what we say, we are here when you need us and we answer our phones, which is rare in our industry.”

-Owner/President, Rob Olson
Allison Prescott
Web & Graphic Design
Alec Olson
Sales Representative
Janette Luna
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Kare 11 News

Minnesota's own Kare 11 News featured owner of Quantum Merchant Services, Rob Olson, about credit card security and identity theft.

Helping Your Business Succeed

At Quantum, we understand the value of a good support system. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to saving you time and money while also supporting your investment in the future of your business. We offer personalized training for with our POS systems and maintain one of the best customer service departments in the industry.

When working with businesses looking for credit card processing, we take the time to educate you on the different pricing programs available along with your choice of equipment such as Clover POS, Verifone, Pax, and Dejavoo. From traditional pricing structures to our Cash Discount program, we explain how our competitive programs and equipment will increase your profit margin. Unlike other companies, we want businesses to understand the fine print. We are committed to your success long after signing up with us.

Reviews of Quantum Merchant Services

Yellow Pages

Average of 34 Customer Reviews
"We have a small car repair shop and we just started the cash discount... Quantum has been really great. I actually get to talk to someone instead of a person in another country. Also I got a free machine and they had it setup already so I just had to plug it in. It works and I get my money. All of it."
-Brian C


Average of 26 Customer Reviews
"Me and my husband have a Mexican restaurant in St. Paul and we started the cash discount with Quantum. We don't pay the fees anymore and Quantum takes good care of us. Josh helped me with the Clover and we do online ordering also. Megan is awesome and helps me a lot with my deposits."
-Stephanie M


Average of 19 Customer Reviews
"Quantum has always been amazing to my business, we have 3 restaurant locations and they will always fix any problems we come across. they will come and troubleshoot at any time to get us back up and running, Rob and Josh are amazing."
-Claudia G

We Get Businesses Like Yours Approved

With a 98.9% approval rate, there's a good chance we'll say YES to your business for credit cards!

New Businesses Welcome.


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