Clover - Wrong Mode

Clover Mini Is In Merchant-Facing Mode

The Clover Mini compartment should display “Welcome to (name of the business).” It will display a “Not Ready” message if the Mini is in the wrong mode, or it displays what the merchant should see. The message would ask you to open the USB Pay Display setup to allow transactions to start working.

You can reset your Clover Mini to the proper mode with these steps:
1.    Open the USB Pay Display program.
2.    Touch the screen once more to start the transaction.

Attempting to Start Transactions With the USB Pay Display App

The seller’s part of your Clover Station should say “Ready” when it is prepared to start transactions. You cannot start transactions by touching to open the USB Pay Display feature on the Clover Mini feature. Opening the app puts the Mini in the wrong mode where it displays what the merchant should see.

You can start a transaction by opening the Transaction app on the seller’s part of the setup. You can start taking in transactions from your customers at this point.

Error Message Appears on the Seller’s Station

The error you find may be from a customer’s card or from your merchant account settings. The network might have also timed out.

Any errors on the Mini may also display on the device the seller reviews. The time-out message may appear if the customer took too long. That message will display on both sides of the setup. Our Clover Station troubleshooting experts will advice you to contact the support team of the company if you are not able to understand the messages.