Edining Express

To login to your online menu please go to your computer web browser and visit your online menu link on your website. Scroll down to the bottom of your menu and click the link named Restaurant Login.

Change a menu item

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Choose Menus & Items.
3. Click on the pencil icon next to the item name you wish to change. Here is where you can change the price and description of the item, you will also find the option to 'Hide' an item if you run out temporarily.
Important: If you change any item on the menu or add/remove an item, you must Sync the Menu to Clover afterwards.

Sync Edining Menu to Clover POS

1. Select Clover from the Control Panel
2. Select Perform Export to Clover
3. Select Sync Menu to Clover (press only once! It may take several minutes.)

If you have added new items to your Edining menu, those items will require a Printer to be assigned to each item on your Clover account. This can be done inside your Clover inventory settings. Assign a Clover printer to an item.
Important: If you forget to add a printer to a new item in Clover, it will not print.

If the export has completed and it gives you an error message, perform the export again.

For more information visit or download the Edining Restaurant Owner Manual PDF.